Fire doors


EI30, EI60 fire doors
Thanks to the reinforced construction, the doors effectively protect against the prevailing fire and smoke, which provides more time for evacuation. We offer EI30 and EI60 fire doors, single and double leaf, produced as wooden, profiled or glazed. Classified according to the time they provide tightness, protection against poisonous smoke and fire insulation – for 30 and 60 minutes respectively. The doors, despite their dimensions, retain all aesthetic values and perfectly match the existing joinery around.

Contrary to popular belief, wood is a very good material used as a building material in partitions with a given fire resistance. Fire-fighting woodwork is widely used, among others, in historic buildings under the supervision of the conservator, public buildings and wherever there is a separate fire zone. Fire-fighting Wójcik woodwork is a product of high quality and aesthetics, able to meet individual customer requirements. Thanks to the basic parameters such as insulation and fire tightness (EI) our products ensure safety for many years. Close cooperation with designers, conservationists, fire protection experts and construction companies allows us to give individual character to walls, door and window leaves, portals and ornaments, meeting the expectations of every investor.

Fire-fighting Wójcik woodwork is made of pine, meranti and oak.


  • • effectively protect against fire and smoke
  • single and double-leaf doors in our offer
  • Classified according to the time they provide tightness





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