We are a responsible manufacturer of woodwork.

The Okna Wójcik company has over 30 years of experience in the woodwork and fire protection market. Drawing on the tradition of family craftsmanship, we create a strong brand that is a symbol of reliability, aesthetics and top quality.

We listen carefully to our customers' needs on a daily basis. Their expectations, ideas and visions are becoming a signpost for us. Our cooperation is based on mutual inspiration and searching for ways to implement even the most demanding projects. Instead of restrictions we see new possibilities. We turn challenges into realisations which constantly expand our offer. We have excellent professionals, modern technological background and knowledge supported by many years of experience on the woodwork and fire protection market. Combining our resources with family passion, we are able to create products tailored to the individual expectations of people who trust our brand. Their satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction.

We are a responsible manufacturer of woodwork. Our activity respects the natural environment and the products created are perfectly suited to promote energy-efficient solutions and the needs of passive construction.
We also offer original solutions in the field of fire-fighting joinery, so important in historic buildings, public buildings and wherever there is a separate fire zone, trying to ensure the highest level of safety while maintaining the original appearance and character of the object.


Every day we care about the highest standard of customer service. Our products enjoy recognition and reputation both in Poland and on many other European markets, including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic and France.

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